Why make wine on the Mornington Peninsula? The Mornington Peninsula is a perfect location for cool climate viticulture.  Vineyards in the higher “up the hill” areas enjoy climatic conditions not too far removed from Burgundy. It gets hot, but not too hot and not for too long.  It gets cold but rarely do we get a bad frost.  Our beautiful bays help keep the climate temperate and the slow ripening brings out the flavours and aromas of the grapes.

Pinot noir, although a notoriously difficult grape to grow, can produce exceptional wine here. Other varieties particularly well suited to this area are pinot meunier, gamay, chardonnay, pinot gris, and more recently, viognier.  Grapes for the Winbirra label come from two vineyards on the Mornington Peninsula but are generally not blended.

Wine from Red Hill South
: pinot noir and pinot meunier are grown at Red Hill in deep red volcanic soil which was laid down millions of years ago. This elevated north-facing site produces refined and elegant pinot noir, but with great depth of flavour.

Wine from Merricks North
: This vineyard is also north-facing, but at a lower altitude and with gentle slopes making it easier to manage. The soil is composed of a mixture of red clay and grey loam in which pinot gris and viognier are flourishing. Our first vintage in 2005, which has won both bronze and silver awards, sold out quickly. 

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Red Hill South


Merricks North

The Brigadier
 Pinot Noir 2005
 Pinot Royale
Pinor Noir 2005
 Pinot Rose
Pinor Noir
Pinot Gris
Brigadier's Daughter
 Brut Cuvee 2007
The Brigadier Pinot Noir 2005 Pinot Noir Royale 2005 winbirra_rose06_small.jpg pinot noir06_small.jpg pinot gris07_small.jpg viognier07_small.jpg
Brigadier's Daughter Brut Cuvee 2007